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Acting for future education !

”Due to technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence and new modes of production, it is crucial to utilise immersive technologies in education for all audiences.“

The Cap’rev experiment, supported by the Jules Verne vocational high school in Etaples-sur-Mer with the support of GIP FCIP Lille, is a collaboration between players in the construction and public works sector, as well as public and private organisations, with the goal of creating the educational tools for the future.

In action !

Cap’rev has partnered with digital start-ups, training organisations, publisher (Hachette Éducation) and construction companies to create digital and immersive modules for simulation and training in professional gestures for the building trades.

Revision cards provide an added value : they formalise the structure of the new knowledge and interpersonal skills used during the VR experience. They reactivate learning during the practical application, the reinforcement exercise and the VR assessment module. Open Badges certify the acquisition of skills.

Cap’rev uses new technologies to enhance training, and plans to incorporate augmented reality and artificial intelligence in the sustainable construction and renovation sector.

Train differently using augmented reality

High tech, artificial intelligence, new ways of working, work and progression of society : acting for future education !



digital and Extended Reality for active and personalised education



the appeal of vocational education



costs and results

All involved

Mon Avenir Pro Image Application Cap'rev

Cap’rev aims to reach everyone : learners, jobseekers, employees and students.

Today, Cap’rev is partnering with companies and France Travail*  to experiment with training initiatives.

*French Agency which take care of jobseeker

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